Saturday, 5 March 2016

Adjustable Tube Mount 2

I revamped the Adjustable tube mount. The new longer bolts arrived which gave me more thread to play with and the hex heads can be locked into hex shaped holes saving a few at the head end. The main change is the way the left/right adjust works. A piece of 0.8mm ply now sits into a groove on the axis which prevents most of the twisting that could occur. The whole vertical adjust is now a lot more stable. The real knurled nuts are not as nice as the DIY plastic ones but they are easier. There is about 30mm of travel in both axis which should be more than enough adjustment, there are also 2, one for either end of the tube. (svg here)


Friday, 4 March 2016

Vale Eurogame

According to the files on this project I started it 24 months ago and I haven't touched it for 9 months, I'm not sure why it never made it to the blog because it took long enough. This is a Eurogame based upon the Vale LRP game. Players assume the role of the Duke or the Kahn and take it in turns to move meeples around the board searching for resource nodes and collecting the resource bags that spawn upon them. (svg here)

The game starts by seeding the gaming area with a path between 2 camps. From the 'Dukes' camp 2 or 3 tiles are laid, then the ritual site and the same number of tiles are laid before the road is ended with the 'Kahns' camp. A number of paths lead off of the main road, these will be exploration areas for the meeples.

During a turn a player may move all of their meeples 1 space around the board. They can be moved separately or as a stack to speed up game play. As a meeple moves along a path into an empty space the player draws a tile from the bag and places it onto the play area. The tile must fit into the space exactly, aligning with the existing tiles. If a tile does not fit it is discarded and a new tile redrawn. Players should probably alternate the drawing of tiles to help/hinder the meeples doing the exploration.

Players are aiming to locate the position of resource nodes along the paths. When these nodes are discovered 3 bags of resources automagically spawn upon the node. The meeples should collect these bags and return them to base camp. Meeples may carry up to 2 bags of resources at the same time. The winner is the player who gets the most of these resource bags in their camp.

Whenever a new node is discovered all the previous nodes spawn new resources. Resources remain on the node until they are collected by a meeple.

In the middle of the main road is the ritual site. One player may occupy the ritual site with any number of meeples. If a new node is discovered while either player occupies the ritual site AND has a meeple sat upon any resource node (particularly the newly discovered node), that node spawns 5 resource bags instead of 3.

When the meeples meet each other on the same path conflict between the meeples occurs, the player with the largest stack of meeples wins. The losing side is forced to drop all of their resources and the winning player allocates a new tile (on the path) to move the losing stack towards. Players may not cause conflict unless they have the larger stack of meeples. If the conflict occurs in a dead end path, the loosing meeples 'die' and return to their base camp to start again.

The game ends when all possible routes have been explored OR all 8 nodes have been discovered AND all resources have been returned to base. This is usually done with an amicable agreement to divvy up the remaining resources thus avoiding lots of tedious stack movements. Because of the tile drawing nature of the game and the random generation of the path the game may end before 8 nodes are discovered.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

X and Y Adjustable Mount 1

Turns out I need some left/right adjustment on the tube mount too. A second screw and knob adjust allows me to tweak the tube left to right and still maintains the low profile. I'm still waiting on some 40mm screws to go across the horizontal but it works as proof of concept. I think I can respin it to make it better though so watch this space. (svg here)

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Twirl Picture

I was looking for some inspiration on the interwebs and instead I stumbled over this twirl picture instead that was just too nice not to cut. I carved it fairly deeply into a sheet of Poplar and then outlined the white to make it really stand out.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Adjustable mount

This is an easily adjustable mount for holding a laser tube in position. I wanted an easy way to budge the tube up and down for one of my tests. Ideally I would have done it with a single adjustment screw but for simplicity I ended up with one on each side. They have to be raised and lowered equally but that's easily done with the adjustment screws. The nuts were packed out with an knurled acrylic disc, the acrylic has less wear when holding the but tight.

Monday, 29 February 2016

Guild ball tokens

The guild ball tokens designed for "Who Cares Who Wins" have been updated to include 'Legendary Play', 'Loved Creature' tokens. They community must approve because they're getting through about a dozen sets a month and occupying more and more machine time :)
If you play guildball and fancy a set, why not contact them.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Easter Bunny Box

I was testing out the shaped box process and I wanted to see just how complex one of these boxes could become. This bunny box was made with 6 separate curved sections to get the sharp angles. The lid has extra details on it by cutting down to the layer below and drawing low power lines onto it. (svg here)