Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Project #36 Iron Man Wood Veneers

I've wanted to do some more veneer work for quite a while now and I had the idea to make a nice Iron Man using the different colours of the wood and grains. For added bonus points I made a hole for the eyes, filled them with polymorph plastic and connected up some LED's to flicker behind them. (svg here)

36 Projects/ 45 Weeks

The build is very simple. I'm using a minimus v1 board to directly drive the LED's (I bought 20 at £2.50 each so good to get some use from them). Some of the guys at Nottinghack figured out how to program the boards using the arduino environment and to transfer the compiled files down to the mimimus board. Spencer has written up the information here. I practically copied the code from an instructable, but adjusted the values in the array to be more suitable for me and fixed it so that it only loops once at startup. Yes it's all a bit of a lazy hack but it works and that's the most important thing right? The arduino is overkill for blinken leds but at least it was fast to do. The result is an great little homage to Iron Man, sanded and oiled it has come up really nicely.

Drag chain

I've been looking at cheap laser cutters quite a bit recently. Most of them are missing air assist and red dot positioning, these features require wires to be run up to the laser head which means running cables around the moving parts. These drag chains can route cables safely through the machine and are usually made of plastic. Having a laser though everything looks like it can have a laser cut solution so I made my temporary ones from 2mm mdf. Normally the pivot point is in the middle of the link but by putting it to the bottom of the link I was able to use the base plate to form pins for the next link at the same time. This also removes all the obstructions from the middle of the chain giving a free run for cables. It slots together and holds with friction although a spot of glue may help in places where the joints are a bit loose.(svg here)

Monday, 2 September 2013

More Rune Wheels

Another event in 2 weeks times means more custom rune wheels and more rune tokens. Which is all good, I like to have the machine occupied while I'm drawing then next thing