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Monday, 19 December 2011

New Smaller Useless box

After the moderate success of Kaths useless box (ok complete success really until the batteries go flat and we have to force the box open again) I've taken another look at the box design and the components and come up with something 50% smaller, taking less batteries and generally better all round. The new design features a battery compartment, an on/off switch (for power) on the underside and the lid is now pulled down with elastic to make sure it stays shut. The whole thing is made with shop bought components so I can fabricate as many as needed.

This kit can be purchased through my shop here


  1. Have you put the build up yet? I too got a kit @EMF but a month later I'm struggling to recall the build. It was 3am...

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  2. I started mine today. Thanks again Martin:)

  3. Looking forward to getting the MKII and trying it out!

    Everyone loves the original that I've shown to them :)