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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Wavy Bowl

I made some bowls before but I lost some of them at the Newcastle Maker Faire this year, as I'm bringing my 'A' game to New York, I thought it was quite sensible to make another one for display. I chose to make another wavy bowl from a single concentric stack. This time the layers had guides to show you where to glue the next layer (svg here)

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Counter Mechanism

I finished the counter mechanism, I doubled the size of the wheels to make them easier to run and I added a detent mechanism to ensure that the smallest wheel falls into place and it also stops it spinning wildly. (svg here)

The geneva mechanism was rebuilt using a layer of 2mm ply, this allowed the two different gears to sit half a step out of sync with each other and eliminates any clashing as the gears rotate.

The detent mechanism gave me a few headaches, typically these mechanisms usually look like a rounded ratchet. The rounded end allows the lever to slide in either direction. The trouble with laser cutting and wood is that the edges are a little bit rough and I really struggled to make this design work in the reverse direction.
To solve the problem I got thinking laterally, I put some 0.8mm ply in side ways to press against the sides of the decagon. I put in 2 bars to create even pressure on both sides of the wheel. As the decagon rotates it flexes the two bars outwards and that helps it bump over into the next detent. The rough side of the decagon rubs against the smooth surface of the 0.8mm ply and there is no sticking.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Church Window 2

I made a church window a long time ago and I was never very happy with the way some of the layers were offset. The perfectionist in me always knew the glass layer was a bit awry from the rest of the framework. Given that it is well received at most events I figured now was the time to redo it and make a 'perfect' one this time around. It's a pretty straight forward layered design, the only real tricks are engraving on the pillars to add some depth and make it appear like there are bands around them and the perspex layer is a dodecagon, rather than a circle, to prevent it from rotating within it's hole.


Sunday, 25 September 2016

200 Sharks

I'll be attending the New York Maker Faire this weekend coming. I'm taking as many items and kits as I can possibly manage but I also wanted something smaller that I could gift or sell as appropriate. I ended up cutting 200 of the mini shark kits, if you would like one simply come and find me at the maker faire and tell me you read my blog.

I actually cut a whole lot more sharks last month but that's a project due to be completed in the next few days so keep an eye out for that.

Action Shots

Over the last 5 years I've made a lot of stuff for a lot of people. As I approach 1000 laser cut items here is just a small selection of things that people have sent back to me recently. It's always great getting follow up photos, it lets you know these things are appreciated.



Saturday, 24 September 2016


I was inspired by some end grain chopping boards I saw on you tube to try and recreate some of the techniques with the laser cutter. This coaster was made by cutting the basic outline with the laser and then cutting across it with the ribbon pattern. The cut was made in two lines removing a chunk 0.8mm wide, a single layer of veneer was inserted into the gap and then the coaster was glue shut again. The second set of ribbons (overlapping the first) were cut once the glue had dried. The second line of veneer was inserted and the whole thing sanded up to a nice finish. (svg here).

Cheese board

I've had this chopping board in my garage for at least a year and I figured now was the time to finally put something on it. I found a nice illustration I liked online and converted it into a line drawing for the laser. I think the style works well even if the subject and item is a little dated. I'll be sure to use it next time I'm doing fondue though. (svg here)

Thursday, 22 September 2016


We're doing a bit of decorating which means we shuffled rooms round too and Kim is now studying in a room without a lampshade. It's never been a high priority until today so instead of traipsing into town just to settle on a lampshade we don't really like I made one instead. It's made from 0.8mm white polypropylene and I'm a bit peeved because I over cooked it and you can see the burn marks through the plastic. I'll clean it up eventually but it has gone into service today and it seems to be doing an acceptable job.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Counter Prototype 2

I should have known that the master of woodwork Matthias Wandel would have also built a counter and he did it much better than I did. This counter has a Geneva drive between the digits so the upper digit only moves 1/10th of a rotation each time the lower digit passes zero. My counter is a bit flawed, the tolerances weren't tight enough so it gets a bit sticky as it increments. I can rebuild it so that the parts overlap in a better way and avoid snagging.

I took a short video of the two different counters in action but for some reason my camera was only letting me take 4 seconds of video at any one time.

I improved the counter wheels, each number has a tab which fits into the end wheel, this ensures even spacing around the wheel and that the numbers are all square.

Shark Kits

I have combined all my tips and tricks for making a good kit into this one new design now available for sale in my store. You've seen this shark pop up a few times recently but I've now turned it into kit form. It varies from the original shark after Sam from Shiny Shiny wisely suggested that I put a flex section in the tail.

The kit itself numbers each part on both sides of the slots so part 1 fits into slot 1 etc, but when they are slotted together both numbers are hidden from view. Each part is held into the framework by very small 0.8mm wide tab which can be easily broken (so no need for a knife) and each tab is pointed at by an arrow so you know where to snap. I have redrawn the Just Add Sharks logo to be a Hershey text font which makes it much faster to cut and I have also included a little illustration of an assembled shark which will also aid building. Buy one from the store or cut one for yourself. (svg here)