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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Aladdins Magic Carpet

The newest cake project is Aladdins Magic Carpet. Aladdin will be made of cake and we wanted him to be sat on a flying carpet. The prospect of making 10Kg of cake wobble around was a bit too much for me so I came up with this contraption instead. The whole device is based upon a Gimbal. The inner ring is fixed to some cake frame pillars which will make it easy for Dawn to attach her cake Aladdin onto. The outer ring of the gimbal is driven by 2 servo motors to get movement in X and Y axis. The 'carpet' itself is made from some vacuum forming plastic, it will eventually be covered in icing. Because this plastic can be easily heat formed I took a hot air gun to it to give it some shape but also strategic bends on the corners also give it a lot of strength (you can see how much it was drooping in the video)

Tuesday, 24 November 2015


A new project that I'm working on requires a two axis gimbal that holds the item in the stationary while the rings around it move. It's made from 3 layers of Birch ply with the middle layer placed at right angles to the outer layer to keep as much strength in it as possible. The whole thing can only be 9mm thick when flat so I had to embed the bolts into the middle of the wood (bit hard to see now) and the rotating side of the gimbal uses an acrylic insert to minimise the friction while rotating. It's definitely functional but needed a few more tweaks for my intended purpose.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Mini Bin with Lid

In a further development from the Agricola bins I did a quick test piece to see if I could make a lid for each bin. Games don't always stay the right way up and tokens can be flipped out of the bins, The lid sits in grooves that have been engraved into the sides. I was worried about weakening the sheet but it seems fine. Now I'm just wondering if it's worth doing for the whole box. (svg here)

Saturday, 21 November 2015

New Agricola Storage bins

Project #43 was Agricola storage bins, they were sold to someone who wanted them and I vowed to make myself another set. Of course if I'm remaking the set I might as well add some design revisions and then if I'm doing revisions I'm sure I can improve the layout and then I can make the boxes better and OMG that was over 2 years ago. So yes I have finally remade myself some bins, but I won't be getting too attached to these either because I know some people that want them already.

The bins were redesigned from the ground up copying the Linbin system I designed. The living hinge base panel makes it easy to scoop tokens out of each bin. I had to glue the boxes together to maximise the volume because space is tight in the box and I can't afford any dead space. I shrunk the middle row of bins and added an extra row to hold the square tokens. The playing boards go over the bins and stop the tokens from moving between bins and the Occupation and Improvement cards. The whole thing packs into the original box and the lid sits flat (very important design feature)

These bins are available for sale although it might be a few days till I get round to putting them in the store.

Magic Santa Key

I was asked to make a magic Santa key, personalised for my friends children. Ta da. Not sure there's much else to say, it's 3mm mdf painted with metallic acrylics and it's a good job our kids aren't old enough to be reading my blog yet :)

Thursday, 19 November 2015

The new batch

Bit of a slow day today, few bugs going round our house and extra children after school, the only thing I managed to get done was this batch of fairy doors for the local school craft faire. I added a few new elements into the mix (mushrooms and stockings etc) and changed the blue out for purple. I've got enough elements now that no 2 doors will ever be the same which is a nice touch.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

More Gears

The laser is very good at whipping up a batch of gears for steampunk decorations. I've done gears before but it's actually quicker to draw new ones than the find the old files. (svg here)

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The wooden spoon

Last in request and completion. This spoon loitered at the bottom of the todo list so it's not a major surprise I overlooked it while doing the other trophies. It's a standard engrave for the logo and low power cut for the text, I am quite surprised at how well it came out though consider it is all a curved surface. Clearly a few mm in either direction of focus doesn't make a vast difference, I doubt the same could be said if I was trying to cut all the way through.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Double Wide Useless Machine 2.0

I was asked to sell a double wide useless machine, which I foolishly agreed to and then realised that machine was based on Version 1.5 and my machine is now up to Version 2, so I spent the evening bringing this design up to Version2.0 as well. It wasn't too challenging and it made me realise just how versatile this clip together box is, parametric design is definitely on my todo list now. 

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Project #9 - Arcade Cabinet Complete

My gaming cabinet is now complete. I wired up all the internals and got the controller working (Pandoras Box 3 520 Games in 1). I was keen to get it all finished today so end up with a few more 'functional' decisions than I would have liked but now that the front bezel is in place and it's actually playable I can live with them for a few months.

There is a relatively large cable loom and clearly practice makes perfect on these things. Player 2 (left and controls) already looks better than Player 1. I re jigged the layout a few times but in the end was quite pleased with it. The system is run from an ATX power supply but I wasn't happy with the dozen empty cables floating around so I opened up the supply and cut out all the unnecessary connections leaving only the +12V, +5V and GND cables coming out the supply. 

All that was left to do was load up Donkey Kong and take a few working shots for the blog.